Why Choose Us?

For Homeowners

  1. We are an unbiased, independent 3rd party to structural concerns.
  2. We can provide a single, engineered structural plan that allows multiple builders to more accurately bid the project "apples to apples."

For Real Estate Agents

  1. Fast-Turnaround solutions to home inspection structural concerns. We know about due-diligence time constraints!
  2. Structurally sound and economical solutions that the buyer and seller will be agreeable with. We want to encourage the smooth closing of the property.
  3. We want to make sure that all heated square footage can be counted for the full value of the home to be realized.

For Builders

  1. We are your local site engineer for changes or resolving framing issues on home-office engineered plans. We can take a look at it in person.
  2. We provide fast turnaround. The last thing we want to do is to further delay the project.
  3. We utilize direct communication with inspectors to resolve framing inspection issues. This saves time, additional inspection fees, and confusion.
  4. We provide a start-to-finish mobile service for simple projects. We can leave the job site with a completed project emailed to you and a hardcopy printed out and left in the inspection box.